Session 9 (2001)

Posted: February 3, 2011 in *NEW!!*, Psychological, Supernatural

Gordon is the owner of a small asbestos removal company, and is in desperate need of cash. He places a bid on a job for a huge abandoned mental institution, telling the client that he can have the job done in one week. After winning the job, Gordon and his crew get to work, but start to show strange effects from being inside the institution.

(This is not a still from the movie, but an actual photo of the state hospital.)

This film has a very calculated feeling to it. It builds tension slowly, to the point where you are completely on edge. I found it to be suspenseful from beginning to end, and for the first time in month if not YEARS, I was frightened during a movie. Yes, frightened. Nervous. I wanted my Mommy. The only thing I found issue with was the ending, I feel like it was drawn out a bit much but overall I was satisfied and I got my taste of gore.

If you are looking for cheap scares or heavy violence you won’t find it in Session 9, but you will find a damn creepy movie with some really great cinematography, since it was set in the real Danvers State Mental Hospital, in Danvers Massachusetts. I have seen it in person and it’s huge and such an amazing place to film a movie like this.

This movie is for fans of hazardous materials, David Caruso smoking weed, and multiple personalities.


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