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I’m pretty stoked to talk about this one, as it is a film that is dear to my heart. As I’ve mentioned before in my blog, my Dad has always been a huge influence in my love for horror cinema. I began watching movies with the greats at a really young age, and for some reason I really loved Vincent Price’s work. There was something very obscure and classic about him that I’ve always been so enthralled by. In fact I recently found out that my aunt met him in the 80s and they had a lengthy conversation apparently. I’m very, very bitter about that. ANYWAY.

The Abominable Dr. Phibes stars Price, playing Dr. Anton Phibes, a famous organist and musical genius. In 1921 after a devastating car crash that leaves him horribly disfigured and his wife Victoria severely injured, Dr. Phibes goes into hiding after learning that his wife died on the operating table. For several years he plots his revenge against the doctors that killed his wife. Four years after the accident, with the help of his mute sidekick Vulvania, the Doctor begins to put his plan into motion, with a series of grotesque murders.

I love love love this film. It is so completely bizarre and imaginative. For example, Dr. Phibes is left without the ability to speak after the accident, so he uses his knowledge of music to create a device that allows him to speak through a Victrola. To obscure his scarred face, he creates a lifelike mask and wig.

The best aspect of this film in my opinion is the creative death scenes. Each medical professional faces a horrifying and inventive end, obviously calculated with extreme care. This film is really a pleasure to watch. It has been described as having an art deco feel, with its vibrant colors and 1920s fashions.

To put it all together, this is a super great flick with awesomely bizarre characters, fantastic contraptions and a storyline that will keep you interested all the way through. A classic for sure.

For fans of frog masks, animatronics, and embalming fluid.


While driving alone on a long stretch of mountain highway, Helen crashes her car trying to avoid hitting another vehicle stranded on the road and is knocked unconscious. Some time later she wakes up, unable to get a signal on her cell phone or get her car to start. She investigates the area and finds the driver of the other vehicle in the woods. But wait, oops, it was really a deranged killer. We all make mistakes.

After that Helen is abducted by this huge guy who apparently makes a habit out of killing people and then tying their bodies to large crosses before leaving them to rot in his front yard. Little does he know that Helen’s husband was a survivalist, and he taught Helen everything he knew.

I really dug this episode. It was really two stories in one; the life of Helen and her husband Bruce, and of course the present-day killer situation. At the end both of them merge into a great twist revenge ending. I love a story where the victim becomes the hero. No damsel in distress here!

I was worried after the villain first came into view that it would be some sort of run-of-the-mill Jeepers Creepers ripoff but it was far from that. Entertaining, good storyline, and humorous at time, this Masters of Horror episode is on my good list.

For fans of drill presses, baby skeletons and weird old men.

The Final (2010)

Posted: December 15, 2010 in Revenge

Seeking revenge against their tormentors, a group of high school outcasts throw a party at a house in the woods. There is drinking and dancing, followed by roofies and some torture. Sounds like a good time!

This film had such potential! I was really stoked on the premis, but after an hour I was done. The film is 90 minutes long but could have been edited down quite a bit. There seems to be a lot of useless material floating around in there.

Basically here was my issue with The Final: I love the idea of it. Misfit students filled with anger, who would like nothing more than to inflict pain and suffering unto those who spent years forcing that pain unto them. I expected some really fucked-up shit. What I got was a few decent scenes…One involving plyers and another involving needles to the face. What I didn’t get was any gory deaths. Why?! Add some really bad acting and obvious plot holes and we have a pretty standard FAIL of a movie.

SPOILER! DONT LOOK! (or do…): In the first scene where the main female character puts that acidic substance on the girl’s face saying that it will eat her flesh away in two minutes, I recall thinking it was weird that the girl didnt scream or even make a sound. The camera just cut away to the jock in the chair. Hmm. If my skin were melting off of my skull I’d be screaming and pooping my pants.

I will admit that a redeeming aspect of the film was the character devoloplment. There was sufficient backstory to allow you to get involved with the characters. Each member of the misfit group was covered and their motivations were quite clear. I find that is a quality that many horror films lack these days.

Let’s recap. Fantastic potential, good characters, minimum output, bad acting…Overall a disappointment. Bummer.

PS. I couldn’t find any still for this one, sorry!

Film review quickie!

A recent favorite of mine is the classic, Massacre at Central High.

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A high school is being terrorized by a group of bros on a powertrip. They have bellbottoms so they look like today’s bros, but 70s style. Anyways this guy gets sick of their shit and starts whackin em one by one. Acting is pretty crappy, but you get to see a lot of titties so that makes up for it. This movie isn’t a masterpiece but worth the watch. There are some hilarious death scenes, like these kids having a threesome by the beach get fucking crushed by a falling boulder. LOL. Good revenge movie.

Dead Man’s Shoes (2004)

Posted: April 3, 2009 in Revenge

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Before I watch any film, I read a summary or synopsis, and reviews of it before hand. This is always to a.) familiarize myself with it so that I know what to expect and b.) to deduce whether or not I should even both spending my time watching it. Reading the little summary for this film, I had mostly assumed it was a typical revenge film, full of merciless killings and an abundance of bloodshed (judging from it’s cover, anyway).

Dead Man’s Shoes, directed by Shane Meadows, was indeed a revenge film, but not anything like I had expected. I was immediately sucked in with the first scene, though nothing was really even happening. Two men, brothers, walking down a dirt path in the Peak District of northern England. There are vast images of green landscape. It was pleasing to look at, but the music really set the tone. Opening with Smog’s, “Vessel in Vain”, it was a quiet foreshadowing for what was to be.

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Richard is an ex-paratrooper in the Army. While he was gone, his mentally-challenged brother Anthony was mentally and physically abused, and tortured by a group of men. Richard, learning of this upon his return, begins a plot to have vengeance for his brother.

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There is a great twist in this film. It wasn’t until the end that I recognized Anthony as a symbol and a painful motivation for Richard, to go against his nature to gain revenge. As mentioned before, the score was fantastic and played a huge part in this movie. It kept a lightness to a few gruesome parts yet completely reinforced the tragedies of the story.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this film and would absolutely watch it again. If you are looking for gore or a typical psycho killer flick, look elsewhere. If you want to see a suspenseful and moving film, gracefully executed and backed with a great plot…this movie is it.

Pathology (2008)

Posted: March 26, 2009 in Revenge

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I’m somewhat speechless. This is a GOOD flick. When I surf for movies to watch I usually check out a summary to see if it seems interesting. Beyond that, it’s a matter of luck. I would just like to say that I scored on this one. It had everything. Sex, blood, manipulation, deviant behavior, and one of the most heart-wrenching scenes I’ve ever witnessed. I felt physically ill.

Harvard graduate Dr. Ted Grey was accepted into one of the most revered medical Pathology programs. He immediately starts kicking ass, and some of the other residents become resentful. They eventually allow him into their crowd. Turns out, they have a secret. They are members of a club of sorts, where the objective is to commit the perfect murder.

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This film incorporates the logic and science of medicine with the twisted and reckless behavior of a group of talented yet deeply disturbed young doctors. I fucking loved this movie. The main character (Dr. Grey) is played by Milo Ventimiglia (Peter Petrelli in Heroes). He’s sharp and sweet in the beginning. I had no doubt that he would falter, however he slowly succumbs to the challenges of his peers. You see a wrong side of him. It helps that he’s really sexy also. There are some wicked hot sex scenes that make me feel funny in my tummy…

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Yeah, anyways. WATCH THIS. Great revenge movie. You don’t expect the ending to be so abrupt, but it is. However you are not left with a void, it is satisfying in the most delicious way.

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PS. You get to see Alyssa Milano’s tits.

Ricky-O: The Story of Ricky (1991)

Posted: March 25, 2009 in Revenge

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More like Ricky-Oh: Bad ass motherfucker.

For fans of subtitles and gratuitous violence, this is your kind of film. Set in a corrupt prison, 21 year-old Ricky Oh uses his martial arts skills and superhuman strength to punish the bad guys and defend the innocent prisoners.

This guy totally fucks these dudes up. He’s a killing machine. There are a lot of scenes with him punching through people. Behold, one of the greatest things you’ll see all week

Blogger won’t let me embed for some reason but I guarantee you will be glad you clicked.

The corrupt heads of the corners of the prison: West, East, North and South, are in charge of punishing insubordinate prisoners and keeping everything in line. What people don’t know is that in addition to abusing and killing innocent prisoners, they have been growing poppy’s for Opium on the side. Well Ricky has had enough. Using his strength, he overcomes many obstacles that no man ever could…except him. In short, he fucks everyone up, real bad. Here’s some pics:

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This film is not available online, but if you’re a torrent fan I’d suggest you hit that up, or waltz into Scarecrow and rent it it immediately. Great date movie. If you’re date isn’t a chump.