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Session 9 (2001)

Posted: February 3, 2011 in *NEW!!*, Psychological, Supernatural

Gordon is the owner of a small asbestos removal company, and is in desperate need of cash. He places a bid on a job for a huge abandoned mental institution, telling the client that he can have the job done in one week. After winning the job, Gordon and his crew get to work, but start to show strange effects from being inside the institution.

(This is not a still from the movie, but an actual photo of the state hospital.)

This film has a very calculated feeling to it. It builds tension slowly, to the point where you are completely on edge. I found it to be suspenseful from beginning to end, and for the first time in month if not YEARS, I was frightened during a movie. Yes, frightened. Nervous. I wanted my Mommy. The only thing I found issue with was the ending, I feel like it was drawn out a bit much but overall I was satisfied and I got my taste of gore.

If you are looking for cheap scares or heavy violence you won’t find it in Session 9, but you will find a damn creepy movie with some really great cinematography, since it was set in the real Danvers State Mental Hospital, in Danvers Massachusetts. I have seen it in person and it’s huge and such an amazing place to film a movie like this.

This movie is for fans of hazardous materials, David Caruso smoking weed, and multiple personalities.


This film was based on the novel Hell House (for some reason WordPress doesn’t allow me to underline this…wtf), by Richard Matheson.

In this film, a dying millionaire hires three people to investigate the possibility of life after death. To do this, they must spend several days in the notorious Belasco house, said to be the most haunted in the world. The investigation is headed by Dr. Lionel Barrett, a physicist who dabbles in the study of parapsychology. His wife Edith has accompanied him during his visit.

Assisting the doctor is a mental medium, a young woman by the name of Florence Tanner, and also a physical medium named Franklin Fischer. Many years earlier Mr. Fischer had been in the house for another investigation, and was the only one of the group to make it out alive.

I own the novel Hell House and as a Richard Matheson fan I was hoping this film would stay true to the story. I was pleasantly surprised with it’s accuracy. The atmospheric qualities of the film created a tension that I love. The minimal use of music made the story feel realistic as opposed to theatrical. No special effects or excessive jump scares people.

What I love most about this flick is the story itself. I don’t want to give it away but it’s pretty dark shit which is good if you’re a freak like me. This is a pretty entertaining movie, some blood but nothing to write home about.

The Legend of Hell House for me was way better than The Haunting. Radical classic haunted house story. Worth a watch. For fans of black cats, amputees, and sleepwalkers.

Paranormal Activity (2009)

Posted: November 8, 2009 in Supernatural

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Sorry it’s been so long, I’ve been a.) lazy and b.) dealing with crazy life shit.
Paranormal Activity is a realistic mock-umentary profiling the lives of a young married couple, Micah and Katie who are being haunted in their home by a demonic presence. In the beginning, they two noticed subtle things happening in the house, and since Katie had experience things of that nature in the past, Micah decided to purchase an expensive video camera in hopes of capturing some of these disturbances on film.
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First, I am a fan of these mock-umentaries. Any element a director can provide to make something seem more real is okay in my book. However, these things are usually hit or miss. I quite liked this film, it felt pretty realistic. The chemistry was believable between Katie and Micah. Not bad acting either. There were a few times I became pretty annoyed with them though.
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To give a little background, Katie’s character has supposedly been haunted by a presence since early childhood. She had experienced this same haunting in each of the houses she has lived in since, again, subtle things but not to be ignored. It was not until they began to investigate this further that the “demon” began to show itself in more and more ways, some I found pretty f*cking creepy. For those looking for something gory or extreme, this really won’t be your jam. However it is a film for fans of a creepy atmosphere. I watched this with a friend and there were times I wouldn’t let go of her arm.
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There were two endings to this film. The threatre version I quite liked. It was abrupt and pretty terrifying, though essentially nothing was shown. The second, though I’ve read it I can’t seem to find the actual footage. It sounds pretty damn scary also. This film is very much in the vein of “The Blair Witch Project” so fans of that will enjoy this film.
Good movie, good scares but if you’re looking for something outrageous look elsewhere.

Drag Me To Hell (2009)

Posted: October 16, 2009 in Supernatural
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Sam Raimi (director of Spiderman and the Evil Dead series) brings us a cautionary tale of a young woman with the perfect life. Christine has a wonderful boyfriend, a great job, and she might even get promoted to Assistant Manager at the bank. That is, until a strange old woman begs her for help, and Christine makes a decision that may end her life…and send her straight to Hell.
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I really slept on this one for some reason. I think I was saving it for the right time. I tend to have this notion that if I see a film right after it opens I won’t like it as much…makes no sense, right? I like to forget about the hype and the reviews and thing people have said and start with a clean slate so I can really decide for myself what I think of the film.
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Drag Me To Hell was fantastic! I’m a fan of supernatural horror films and this one played it just right. The effects were great, there were SEVERAL times when I jumped in my chair (I was alone when I watched it too). The old woman, Mrs. Ganushe was brilliantly portrayed by
Lorna Raver. She was truly terrifying.
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My only criticism of the film was perhaps was the the performance of Christine, played by Alison Lohman. She really didn’t nail it for me. I loved some of the campy humor she provided, however something was amiss…I wanted more emotion from her. I wanted to see her come completely unhinged as the movie wore on. She was being tormented by a fucking demon for christ’s sake, I would be shitting my pants!
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Overall an extremely entertaining film, awesome effects and original storyline with a satisfying end. I hesitate to use this word because it is normally associated with complete tools, but this movie was extremely “badass”.
PS. There is also a lot of puking in this film which I found to be hilarious and disgusting.

Book of Blood (2008)

Posted: September 26, 2009 in Supernatural

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Mary Florescu, a paranormal expert and professor investigates a house that is supposedly built upon a supposed “intersection” of the dead. She comes in contact with Simon McNeal, a young medium whom she convinces to act as her medium. She hopes that Simon’s special gift, the ability to see visions of the dead, will aid her in her investigation. Turns out, Simon is a fake…but as the days wear on, he starts seeing REAL visions. Visions of dead people, with something to say. Or, write.

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Book of Blood is based on two short-stories written by Clive Barker. I haven’t read them, because I can’t read. Just kidding. I just haven’t read them.

I quite liked the story and the film itself however it felt a bit flat. I supposed I liked it so well because Jonas Armstrong (who plays Simon McNeal) is pretty foxy and spends a lot of time semi-nude. Other than that it felt quite simple. There was literally no explanation of the characters. We know that Mary is interested in the paranormal and teaches about it, but other than that, nothing. Simon McNeal comes out of nowhere. We know that he was in the press as a child for having visions, but again…that’s it.

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The lack of development here was problematic for me. It’s difficult to invest in a character we know so little about. The only redeeming aspect of this issue is that Simon McNeal’s character is ambiguous in nature and that little air of mystery actually added to the story.

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The effects in this film are pretty awesome. You’re brought in at the introduction by this little narration (This is repeated several times throughout the film and serves as it’s theme.) :

“The dead have highways, running through the wasteland behind our lives, bearing an endless traffic of departed souls. They can be heard in the broken places of our world, through cracks made out of cruelty, violence, and depravity. They have sign posts, these highways, and crossroads and intersections. And it is at these intersections where the dead mingle, and sometimes spill over into our world.”

After that there is a brutal possession/death scene that is pretty damn realistic and you don’t see much violence or anything until the end. I dug this movie, I’d definitely watch it again. There are some obvious holes with the characters and it could have been made much more powerful in execution and dialogue, but still an entertaining film with a pretty cool ending. I’ll be staying away from sharp objects for a few days.

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“There IS no truth”
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To put it as simply as I can…a young couple drop acid inside an abandoned mental instutution. They start fucking around with an old electric chair, and somehow, the girl ends up dead and the boy, Nick, is blamed. He insists that the chair killed her. He is called crazy and spends four years in a psychiactric hospital where he is medicated and attends therapy. One day he is released into the care of a phsychologist called Dr. Willard who wants to write a book on Nick and his bizarre experience. They return to the abandoned building, and begin a harrowing journey through the hell of the human mind.

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(lol at this pic)

I really didn’t know what I was getting into with this one. I read a review or two online, but those tend to be pretty hit or miss. “omG it waS soo boRing i TUrned it off and A lot of Blud 2”, and “THAT WAS THE BEST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN AND POSSIBLE THE BEST ONE EVER CREATED IN HISTORY.”

Who do you believe?

I took my chances.

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Within 30 seconds of the into there were brief glimpses of what was to come. Gory, violent images, paired with the narration of the main character, Nick, who’s experiences are the subject of the film. And what a film it was. Many twists in this one. I was on lock the whole time. The first half is severely melodramatic, thanks to Dr. Willard who’s white hair and booming voice remind me of Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter. Things got going when a few young members of Dr. W’s team (of course) decide to mess around with the chair themselves. Baddd…

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From then on the film takes you into this other world. Part Hostel, part Silent Hill as far as imagery goes. There was a large demon monster also, and some genuinely creepy stuff, but after awhile this wore on me. Things went over the top and I was starting to think that this flick was a big piece of overacted trash. Then BOOM, out of nowhere, another twist. Nick slaps you in the face with some brutal narration and you finally realize that that is the point. It was a joke. The movie is what you wanted to see. I want to say more but I’ll wreck the whole thing.

From that point on, it’s a different flick, with a fantastic twist at the end. God, I love twists. Especially ones that make me think. I liked this one. Some parts you may find confusing, as I did in the very last scene.

But really, if you need a good laugh, check out some of the reviews here:

I am in no way saying that I am some sort of intellectual film buff, but I have to wonder if the majority of the people who write these “reviews” are big chronic fans. It almost depresses me. “I don’t get it! Too much blood! Wahhhhh!” For fuck’s sake, go watch a romantic comedy and stop trying to explain things when you can barely speak proper english let alone transfer coherent thoughts onto a computer. Someone give me a Midol.

Good film for “torture-porn gore-whores”.


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The Orphanage (2008)

Posted: June 27, 2009 in Supernatural

I am a douchebag, I know. I have had a very busy month and updating this thing was on the back back back burner. Anyway.

The Orphanage
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As a child, Laura was raised in an Orphanage in Spain. As an adult, she buys the house (the former orphanage) and moves in with her husband Carlos, and her adopted son Simon. Simon develops several imaginary friends. At first Laura pays no mind, until one day during the grand-opening party of Laura’s new orphanage, Simon mysteriously disappears. Laura spends months desperately investigating her son’s disappearance and eventually sees a connection between Simon, his “imaginary friends” and the spirits of five dead orphans.

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This movie has been compared a lot to Pan’s Labyrinth, and I can see a few similarities there. Visually stunning, atmospheric with some element of darkness veiled by a childlike innocence. The film draws much of this darkness from Laura (Belen Rueda), and her desperate struggle to find Simon, though it becomes apparently fairly early on that it’s not looking good for him.

For me as a woman, I find fear in that desperation and panic, and it’s only compounded by some of the imagery in this flick. Like this creepy little boy in a mask. So freaky.

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Really well-done film overall and if you liked Pan’s Labyrinth you’ll probably like this one too. The end drags a little and the reunion scene with the spirits of the orphans is very corny. Other than that, I’d give it a B+.