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Gingersnaps 1-3

Posted: November 23, 2008 in Supernatural, Werewolves

I am aware that this is an extreme LATE PASS, however I feel that something must be said.

I would like to call myself a horror movie enthusiast, however somehow I managed to pass over this gem of a film trilogy. I suppose that in general, if a movie title sounds stupid, I assume that it will be stupid. I was wrong. Anyways. These trilogy consists of:

a.) Gingersnaps

Loved this flick. It had that kind of dark, dry underlying humor that was hard to pick up at times, but that was obviously the point. The banter between the two sisters, Ginger and Brigette, played by Katharine Isabelle and Emily Perkins. These girls are total freaks. They were the ones smoking cigarettes and cutting class. The theme of “together forever” was recurrent thanks to Emily Perkins’ (Brigette) awesome fucking acting. Quiet and strange, she was completely submissive to her sister and fiercely protective, as was Ginger for her. Ginger was the fiery one, masochistic and witty, who would beat the living crap out of anyone who messed with “B”. The girls’ dark little world comes crashing down when one of their pranks is interrupted when Ginger is attacked and bitten by a werewolf. Anyhow, not to include any spoilers, but, some shit goes down and there is blood, a girl in a freezer, and fur in weird places. Intense, suspenseful, and smart. The sisters’ unwavering devotion toward each other is more than love, it is fate.

b.) Gingersnaps: Unleashed

Now…this one…Since this is the one I saw first, it really set the standards for the other two flicks. For me, at least. Though there was some confusion at first as to what was going on, it was easy to pick up the plot and you really could watch this without having seen the first one. I fell in love wth Emily Perkins here. Her execution, especially with her lines is perfect. She is sad but driven to survive by the memory of her sister who turned into a mutant freak, unfortunately. She is smart and strong, though her fear is still so real and so new. However this does not leave her vulnerable. Very believable. Surprise twist ending but overall, totally awesome.

…and c.) Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning.

I wish that I could place this last one among the first two, as far as badassness goes. But it just didn’t deliver. It was pretty lame, overall. Set in 1815, this film was intended as a prequal and to explain more about the “pact” between the sisters. In reality, it was just a display of hooliganism by a bunch of dudes with bloated egos and a hot indian dude with a hidden agenda. The only awesome part was where this dickhead priest gets set on fire. Disconnected and confusing at times, this movie did nothing to explain anything. Gingersnaps would have been best left as two films. Ginger Snaps Back…more like Ginger Snaps CRAP.

See what I did there?